There Is More To Healthcare Than Not Getting Sick

Getting sick stinks! But in the times that you do get sick, you want to make sure you are covered and have the best healthcare available. PhilCare believes that total health means achieving a complete harmony of mind and body that results in enjoying life to the fullest. And now, you can purchase PhilCare products on BeamAndGo andContinue reading “There Is More To Healthcare Than Not Getting Sick”

Do you have questions about BeamAndGo? (We’re here to help!)

Here are 9 places where you can get more information about BeamAndGo and how we are working to make our platform a better way for you to provide for your family in the Philippines …

4 Things You Can Learn about Success from Two Taxi Drivers

I’m not advocating everyone quit their jobs and get a hack license, but there is something to learn here from these two taxi drivers.

Delivering on Promises He Made to His Country

On March 23 at 3:18AM, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first Prime Minister, passed away. He was 91. As Prime Minister from 1959 to 1991 and a Member of Parliament till 2011, Mr. Lee guided Singapore from a post colonial third world country with no natural resources and political unrest to a first world nation with very little corruption, a competitive economy, safe streets, modern housing and good governance.

To ZAP or not to ZAP, that is the question.

We recommend the “to ZAP” option. Because BeamAndGo has just partnered with the ZAP Group to provide you and your family with restaurant, entertainment and branded apparel options in the Philippines. At BeamAndGo, our focus is to provide you with a better way to purchase the essentials – groceries, medicine, healthcare, etc – for your family. And now, everyContinue reading “To ZAP or not to ZAP, that is the question.”