An OFW’s Journey

The Plight of OFWs

I’ve been working in Singapore for 12 years now. I want to come home for good but I’m afraid of what’s in store for me there. I’m scared that if I go home, we will be back to the same life of poverty and desperation. I’m typically a resourceful person but I really think that’s not enough now. What can I do? I need to make sure I come home prepared. My priorities are my sons’ day to day needs and tuition fees. Because of this, I don’t have any savings yet. I guess I still have to bear not being with them for more years until I can save enough at least for a business.”

Nenita Oliveros, 54yo Domestic Helper in Singapore
She has two sons aged 25 and 18
who she is supporting back in the Philippines.

Female OFW in Singapore

In the latest Philippine Statistics Authority data on the OFW population,

56% are women, and
63% are employed in elementary occupations.

Since 2014, Beam&Go has been helping OFWs like Nenita to reach their next goal through our fintech ecosystem.

Nenita started by purchasing a Noche Buena package for her family through our Marketplace. Since then, she has become one of the first users of our Wallet and she has been participating in our focus group discussions and usability interviews. We treat our relationship with users like Nenita as a vital element in guiding the evolution of our services and the value we bring to our stakeholders.

The OFW Journey with Beam&Go

OFW repatriation plan
Day 1 >>>

The OFW decides to depart Philippines armed with hopes and dreams for her family. But along with these, she is anxious of what is ahead of her as she leaves. Her journey will be filled with loneliness and she fears of what will be in store for her after her contract ends and she returns home to her family.

Year 1 – 2 >>>

Beam&Go joins the OFW on her journey. Within our ecosystem, we equip the OFW with tools that she needs to budget her earnings, save money, and make financial plans with her family. Through skills development opportunities, she is also empowered to pursue entrepreneurship or other gainful employment in the Philippines.

End of Year 2 >>>

The OFW returns home after her contract ends. She has enough funds in her digital bank account. She has new skills that can be used to start her own business in her hometown, or look for a better job there or elsewhere. But most importantly, she is reunited with her family.

Beyond Year 2

Throughout her journey, the OFW achieves family resiliency and financial security. Together with her family, they move forward into the future and reach their next goals.

OFW training academy

Our Newest Project:
The Beam&Go Academy

The lack of employable skills and sustainable opportunities is a key obstacle for OFWs in coming back home permanently. Our answer to this is the Beam&Go Academy which will be a user-friendly and technologically-advanced educational platform. Through this, we pledge to provide OFWs and their families practical and impactful courses coupled with a job bank and entrepreneurial support to empower them as they re-establish their lives back home.

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