OFWs* annually remit


to provide a better life
for their loved ones.

What’s in store for them when they come home?

*OFWs refer to Overseas Filipino Workers
Photo credits: Mel Hattie

Our Purpose

We are Leading a Movement

OFW remittances have alleviated poverty incidence in the Philippines, but they have not made much impact in the long-term outlook of the OFWs themselves. Remittance leakage and spending abuse hinder the OFWs and their families to reaching a permanent and sustainable improvement in their lives.

Hence, for our modern-day heroes who have ventured far from home on a journey to give hope and a future to those they love, Beam&Go leads the movement for financial education and management — built for OFWs and their families. Through our platform, we aim for OFWs to achieve financial inclusion, security, and resilience. More importantly, we strive to meet their underserved needs, empowering them with the financial building blocks to uplift their selves and transform the lives of their families back home.

Our Abilities

Powered by an Empathy-led Solution

We offer a social impact FinTech ecosystem that is developed with the sensing tools centered on the OFW. We design with the goal to influence sustainable lifestyles for OFWs, their families, and their future generations.

Our Vision

For OFWs to Reach their Next Goal

Family Resilience

A family that overcomes difficulties. Through calamities, medical emergencies, and other hardships, the family moves forward together.

Financial Security

Having the financial means to put food on the table, send the kids to school, money for retirement, and an inheritance for future generations.

Our Impact

Platform Statistics




of providers
are female




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since 2019

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