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I consider myself somewhat of a “t-shirt expert”. Based on my own not-so-very-scientific research, I wear a t-shirt 364 days a year: at work, at home, on weekends, on vacations, during the day, and at night.

So when the BeamAndGo Design team created The BeamAndGo T-Shirt, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wanted one. And when I saw the final product, I was like “whoa, I am liking this!”

And I wasn’t the only one, check out these pictures of others who wore it and liked it

100% cotton. Silk screened. Groovy.

These guys also gave the t-shirt a positive review …

High quality fabric. Comfortable. The colors will not fade.

Are you digging this? These guys do …

If you want one, you can get one at It’s for sale and available in children-size, small, medium and extra-large. Delivery within the Philippines is free.

For more pictures of people sporting The BeamAndGo T-Shirt look for #iwearbngtshirts on Instagram. Also feel free to share with your friends.

To see what else we are doing at BeamAndGo, visit us at And if you have questions, suggestions or comments, you can contact me directly at

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