Building a Start Up? Go Against The Herd

Last October, Victoria T. Vizcarra of Entrepreneur Magazine, invited me for a little chit chat to share some business insights about BeamAndGo and how we, as a startup, are attempting to “break the mold” in our industry. Below is a rundown of what had transpired: Victoria T. Vizcarra (VV): How well is BeamAndGo doing? HasContinue reading “Building a Start Up? Go Against The Herd”

The Right to Suffrage or Suffer

Now in 9 months, the Philippine presidential election will take place. If you are happy with what’s happening in the country, vote. If you are unhappy, vote. If you are unsure, vote. Even if you are OFW and not living the Philippines, vote.

Dim Sum, World-Wide Plaza and United Centre

Last week Albert Go and I had the good fortune of visiting Hong Kong to celebrate our partnership with I-Remit as well as hanging out with our Hong Kong customers. And man, was it fun. You know what they say, “It’s more fun at World-Wide.” And it’s a lot of fun at United Centre too! AndContinue reading “Dim Sum, World-Wide Plaza and United Centre” teams up with I-Remit to offer direct grocery remittances

(repost from July 29, 2015 BeamAndGo Pte Ltd, an alternative remittance service that guards against misspent funds through digital gift certificates, has forged a partnership with I-Remit to offer over-the-counter payment services for OFWs to provide for their families’ grocery shopping in the Philippines. BeamAndGo CEO Jonathan E. Chua said, “We understand that manyContinue reading “ teams up with I-Remit to offer direct grocery remittances”

Hula Hoops, Ping Pong Balls and Tennis Balls

Turns out the Mayor and I share the same advocacy – fiscal responsibility and financial literacy. As a result, he invited me and the BeamAndGo team to a visit and speak with the city’s business, education, utilities and healthcare leaders.

Filipino Remittance Fintech appoints Marketing Director

Albert brings with him over 10 years of marketing, investment sales, and fundraising experience in the consumer banking, financial technology, and NGO sectors. In his capacity as BeamAndGo’s Marketing Director, he will be driving their outbound and inbound marketing campaigns to grow the customer base to 570,000 by the end of 2016.

There’s More To Providing For Your Family Than Just Sending Cash

Most of the experts say that it’s because of these three things: (1) lack of financial literacy and limited knowledge which results in saving very little of the remittance money; (2) misuse of the money by spending on non-essentials like cosmetics, fast food, gifts, high-end gadgets, gambling, drugs and alcohol; and (3) theft.

Do you have questions about BeamAndGo? (We’re here to help!)

Here are 9 places where you can get more information about BeamAndGo and how we are working to make our platform a better way for you to provide for your family in the Philippines …