Does your family live in Cebu?

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I previously thought that the last time I was in Cebu was in 2005, but it was longer than that … it was 1996 (almost 20 years ago!).

What I do remember clearly was that the beaches were awesome, the city was clean and well organized, duck pin bowling was mucho fun, and I met a lot of friendly Cebuanos during my visit.

So I am happy to say that we have a bunch of merchants on the BeamAndGo platform with branches in Cebu.

If you or your family live in Cebu, you can purchase digital gift certificates from and use them at these participating merchants:

Gaisano Capital is one of the premier department stores in the Philippines. They are known for their wide selection of merchandise and affordable prices. In Cebu alone, they have 8 branches.

With 5 branches in Cebu, Prince Warehouse is one of the fastest growing hypermarts in the Philippines. They have a wide selection of groceries and supplies with discount specials every week and sometimes daily.

Generika is the #1 generics drugstore in the Philippines with 32 branches in Cebu. They carry affordable generic medication, branded medicines, hospital supplies and perform health screenings.

Also feel free to share with your family and friends.

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