OFW Shopping Advice: Buy more, spend less!

Overseas Filipino Workers’ life is never easy. They are like soldiers, and their biggest weapon is courage. It is not a surprise that these people have a universal trait called selflessness. For them, the struggle of working abroad is not a hindrance to attain their dreams for their loved ones here in the Philippines. IsaContinue reading “OFW Shopping Advice: Buy more, spend less!”

Balik-Pilipinas: What Makes You Miss Home?

Missing home is a feeling we often experience, especially as an OFW living far away. Home is where the heart is, ‘ika nga nila. At para maiparamdam na mahal mo ang pamilya mo sa iyong hometown, subukan mong magpadala gamit ang BeamAndGo. To learn more about BeamAndGo and our services, click here. Tinanong namin ang ilan saContinue reading “Balik-Pilipinas: What Makes You Miss Home?”

Working overseas and missing your mom

Your first and truest ally Face it: When things get really difficult at work or when the people you live with prove more challenging than usual, you will normally grab your phone to have even a short talk with your mother. It’s normally just an issue of how much money you have set aside forContinue reading “Working overseas and missing your mom”