To ZAP or not to ZAP, that is the question.

dcc48 to zap or not to zap

We recommend the “to ZAP” option.

Because BeamAndGo has just partnered with the ZAP Group to provide you and your family with restaurant, entertainment and branded apparel options in the Philippines.

At BeamAndGo, our focus is to provide you with a better way to purchase the essentials – groceries, medicine, healthcare, etc – for your family. And now, every time you make a purchase at BeamAndGo, ZAP will reward you with points that can be redeemed at any ZAP participating merchant, like Red Mango, Banana Leaf, and Converse … the fun stuff (the full list of stores).

Here’s the deal …

For every PHP 1000 worth of digital gift certificates you purchase on, you or your family in the Philippines will receive 5 ZAP points. The more you purchase from BeamAndGo, the more ZAP points you will receive.

And the process to earn ZAP points is simple …

When you make a purchase on, you can select who will receive the ZAP points. If you live in the Philippines, you can even select yourself. All you or your family needs is a Philippines-based mobile phone number. The ZAP points will then be sent to the selected person’s mobile phone within 7 business days.

No forms to fill out. No registration process. Can’t be any simpler than this.

Give it a try and tell use what you think. And feel free to share with your friends and family.

To see what else we are doing at BeamAndGo, visit us at And if you have questions, suggestions or comments, you can contact me directly at

Published by Jonathan E. Chua

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