Balik-Pilipinas 2: Kain Tayo Dito!

Tunay ngang malaking bahagi ang pagkain sa ating culture dito sa Pilipinas. A lot of our kababayans abroad, or even Filipinos simply away from their hometowns miss the food and the memories that come with it. Food is one of the things that brings us together. Dahil dito, tinanong namin kay Malou, Joelyn, Monica atContinue reading “Balik-Pilipinas 2: Kain Tayo Dito!”

To ZAP or not to ZAP, that is the question.

We recommend the “to ZAP” option. Because BeamAndGo has just partnered with the ZAP Group to provide you and your family with restaurant, entertainment and branded apparel options in the Philippines. At BeamAndGo, our focus is to provide you with a better way to purchase the essentials – groceries, medicine, healthcare, etc – for your family. And now, everyContinue reading “To ZAP or not to ZAP, that is the question.”

What’s up, Doc?

It’s been awhile since I went to see a doctor for a health check. Part of the reason was cause I consider myself healthy but a bigger reason is cause I am afraid to see a doctor. But when Managed Care Medical joined the merchant network, I set aside my fears to pay them aContinue reading “What’s up, Doc?”