Mga sikat na Festivals in Davao: Adto ta Didto! Celebrations that make OFWs miss home!

Davao is home to a lot of our hard-working kababayans. Aside from being hard-working, kilala ang mga Davaoeño at Davaoeña sa pagiging malinis, disiplinado, masayahin, at festive. From family gatherings, such as birthdays and weddings, to community gatherings like fiestas, celebrations in Davao are definitely something to look forward to. Kaya nga hindi natin masisisiContinue reading “Mga sikat na Festivals in Davao: Adto ta Didto! Celebrations that make OFWs miss home!”

7 Tips When Living as an OFW in Japan

When asked, “Kung mag-a-abroad ka, saan ang dream destination mo?” a lot of our answers would probably be Japan. It’s one of the countries where a unique harmony between tradition and modernity take place. The Japanese are also known for developing technology that would make our lives easier, similar to how BeamAndGo wants to make theContinue reading “7 Tips When Living as an OFW in Japan”

The Power of Women

BeamAndGo believes profoundly in the power of women and how our sisters, mothers, and friends contribute concretely and positively to our combined future. This faith was shown to be nothing less than true when recently, two days before the world celebrated International Women’s Day last March 8, a march was held in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada withContinue reading “The Power of Women”

Who can you trust? 6 things Filipinos want in our next President

Presidential Elections! One of the most important things in the life of a Filipino. Kailan pa ba tayo maaaring makapili ng mamumuno sa atin? Dito may pagkakataon tayong sabihing “Tama na!” sa isang politiko at itulak naman sa bagong uri ng paglilingkod ang isa pa. Fun times! Kadalasan nga, fiesta pa, di ba? Paano ngaContinue reading “Who can you trust? 6 things Filipinos want in our next President”

Dinner dates and love songs: Valentine’s na uli!

Ikaw ba ay nakapulang damit? Kilala ang mga Pilipino bilang malalambing at romantikong mga tao. Di ba nga ang pinakauri ng musika natin ay ang Kundiman – mga kantang may hugot na lungkot at pangungulilang galing sa mga salitang “kung hindi man.” That’s how we are, di ba? We actually live and breathe love songs.Continue reading “Dinner dates and love songs: Valentine’s na uli!”

Dagdag Sahod Pang OFW: Sino ang dapat makinabang?

We recently talked about domestic workers in Singapore now having a minimum salary of SGD 550. That’s a good thing, of course but too many of us don’t know what to do with even an extra SGD 50 or SGD 100. Meron pa nga diyang nakapulot lang ng Php 20, di na alam ang gagawin. TheContinue reading “Dagdag Sahod Pang OFW: Sino ang dapat makinabang?”

Dagdag Sahod Pang OFW: Wag ipagsapalaran

The Philippine Daily Inquirer recently ran a story saying that employers in Singapore now have to pay domestic helpers at least SGD 550. This is SGD 50 more than the former minimum amount of SGD 500. This developed after the Indonesian embassy in Singapore made an announcement that domestic helpers from that country had toContinue reading “Dagdag Sahod Pang OFW: Wag ipagsapalaran”

Working overseas and missing your mom

Your first and truest ally Face it: When things get really difficult at work or when the people you live with prove more challenging than usual, you will normally grab your phone to have even a short talk with your mother. It’s normally just an issue of how much money you have set aside forContinue reading “Working overseas and missing your mom”

Barya na lang ba ang natira?

How not to keep losing your hard-earned money Part I Christmas is over and we’re on the first few weeks of the New Year. Many of us now find ourselves with a lot less money than we once had. Admit it: You kinda spent a bit too much and now you’re worried about the paymentsContinue reading “Barya na lang ba ang natira?”

Reaching out across the seas: A family’s celebration

Cookai is a 26-year old Print Producer who hails from Bulacan, a province north of Manila in the Philippines. Coming from a tight-knit family with only one sister as a sibling, she’s used to having a complete family around her most of the time. But like many Filipinos, her sister Kei chose to pursue better workContinue reading “Reaching out across the seas: A family’s celebration”