The New New Look, Part 2

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In The New New Look, Part 1, I described the changes we made to the BeamAndGo products page in order for our users to get all the product information at a glance. In Part 2, I will show you guys what happens after a user clicks on the Buy button.

We worked hard to streamline our screens so that a user only needs to enter the minimum amount of information necessary to complete a transaction. As users of BeamAndGo ourselves, we wanted less pages and less fields. And as a result, this is what we came up with …

First, we created a section that displays all the item details related to the order.

Then, we made it easier for the user to select a recipient for the order.

And lastly, we provided an estimate on when the recipient will receive the SMS with the digital gift certificate information.

The SMS will contain the following information: the sender’s name (you!), the value of the gift certificate, the gift certificate code, the merchant and the locations where the gift certificate can be redeemed.

In many instances, the SMS will be sent instantaneously and the recipient can redeem the digital gift certificate immediately.

In The New New Look, Part 3, I will explain the different payment options we have added to BeamAndGo to make it easier and more economical for our users to provide for their families.

To see the new changes at BeamAndGo, visit us at If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at

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