It’s all about the soul

At the heart of is a powerful ecommerce engine that enables consumers to purchase items for their families and themselves in the Philippines. We spent a lot of time creating an online system that is easy-to-use, secure, and fast. However, we would not be effective without our merchant partners and their readiness to sell their gift certificates on our online platform. Our merchants are the soul of

As of today, our merchant network includes San Roque Supermarkets in Luzon, Prince Warehouse in the Visayas, Managed Care Medical in Manila, Gaisano Capital in Cebu, MyPhone, Generika and Super 8 in Manila.

These stores are household names with a long track record providing good service to their customers and represent over 400 branch locations throughout the Philippines. In addition, their philosophy is very much in line with BeamAndGo – “provide the essentials at an affordable price”. And we love it!

But this is just THE BEGINNING. The gals in the Merchant Accounts team, led by Mariliese Tan, are very busy growing our merchant network. Within the next couple of months, we are going to add book sellers, schools, insurance companies, financial institutions and more supermarkets, department stores and medical centers.

I am looking forward to all these new additions. It provides more choices to our customers and also creates better alternatives for them to provide for their families and themselves.

Whooo, can’t wait!

To learn more about what we are doing at BeamAndGo, just visit us at I think you will like what you see.

Published by Jonathan E. Chua

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