From Dubai with Love: OFW Moms deserve only the best!

We all know it’s difficult growing up far from our parents, especially our mom. Our moms are one of the most influential and important people in our lives. Whenever we need someone to give us advice, someone to understand our shortcomings, someone to support our undertakings, or just someone to be with when life gets a little rough, it’s our moms we go to.

We spoke with Kassy, a recent graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman, who majored in BA Speech Communication. She grew up away from her mom since she was 13 years old. She admits it was difficult having a long-distance relationship with Mommy Ailen, but it was never a hindrance for them to constantly stay in touch. Even if mommy is away, she never forgets even the little things, like the basic needs of her family. Just like any other parent, Mommy Ailen makes sure that her family has their basic needs. To make this part of parenthood a lot easier and better, BeamAndGo is here to help!

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Kassy tells us that just like most OFWs, her mom decided to work abroad to improve their family’s financial stability. From being a housewife, her mom flew to Dubai, not knowing what job she would get into. She just took her shot. After just 5 days, her mom found a job as a secretary. After a year, she found her current job as an HR employee. She has been happily working for the same company after 10 years. Kassy says her mom is career-oriented. This motivates her to become successful in her future career too as a Speech Communication graduate.

Communication is Key!

Kassy considers herself very close to her mom. Early on, they have always been regularly speaking — talking about the little things, like how their days go, to major life decisions. Thanks to Facebook, they can now talk to each other everyday! Kassy’s mom has been very hands-on in taking part in her life. She makes sure that she’s always here for special occasions and major celebrations. Whenever she’s in the Philippines, they make the most out of their bonding time as a family.

Kassy has three other siblings. Kat, 27, who works as a ground crew, Kyle, 26, a customer service agent and Kris, 18, who is still in school. All four siblings look out for each out other especially when their mom is not here. They’ve learned to count on each other and have formed a solid support group. Whenever Mommy Ailen goes home to Manila, they all go out together. On most days, they communicate through their Facebook chat group.

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Like other children with OFW parents, Kassy imagines what it would be like if her mom just stays for good. Of course, she prefers to be with her mom more often. And although it’s difficult, she understands that the decision for her mom to work abroad is the more practical option.

To our OFW parents: You deserve only the best!

Bittersweet — this is how Kassy would describe how it is growing up with an OFW mom. Mommy Ailen’s sacrifice to not be with Kassy as she grows up is no joke. Open communication and understanding really is key to staying close with your family, whether together or away from each other.

What’s your family story? We’d love to hear from you as well!

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