7 Tips when living as an OFW in Singapore

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Isa ang Singapore sa mga paboritong out-of-the-country destinations of our fellow Filipinos. This may be a reason why a lot of our OFW kababayans choose to work here. For OFWs in Singapore and all over the world, we at BeamAndGo would like to help you take care of your families.

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Tanggalin mo na ito sa list ng inyong proproblemahin while you’re in Singapore! Now, it’s good to learn din about the culture in Singapore, para prepared ka!

Old habits die hard,” sabi nga nila, especially when these habits are a part of our everyday lives. Maraming pagkakaiba ang Singapore from our motherland, the Philippines. It’s no simple to task to adapt to a completely new environment. Ilan sa mga major differences ng Pilipinas at Singapore ay ang religion, language at culture na nagiging evident sa maliliit na bagay gaya ng habits at interaction ng mga tao. We’ve listed 7 attitudes that you need to adapt to when traveling to Singapore:

1. Be ready to walk, walk, walk.

Sa Singapore, masipag maglakad ang mga tao! Maaaring ito ay dahil sa kanilang low crime rates at maliis na lugar. Their sidewalks are full of people heading to the nearest MRT station, malls, or establishments. Kung ikukumpara, mas mahal ang pamasahe sa Singapore para makarating sa iba’t ibang lugar kesa sa pamasahe natin dito. Kaya naman ihanda ang sarili sa long and far walks, para na rin maka-exercise ka!

2. Follow the rules.

This might seem obvious, but sadly, hindi natin sinusunod ang mga simpleng batas when it’s inconvenient for us. Kaya nga sa Pilipinas, napapansin natin na people skip lines, cut each other off in traffic, or bribe certain government officials. But this is not the case in Singapore. May kasabihan silang, “Singapore is a very fine city,” emphasis on fine. Indeed, Singapore is very strict with its rules and regulations, and even one misstep or mistake can set you back a couple thousand SGD in the form of fines. Kaya naman, whether we are abroad or not, we should always follow the rules and keep our impulses in check.

3. Respect Your Surroundings.

Singapore prides itself as being a very clean city. Whatever you do, don’t just throw or leave your trash wherever, because not only does this earn you a heavy fine, it will also offend the people around you and cause you to be the object of not one too many glares and whispers. Meron pa nga silang CCTV cameras sa ibang public restrooms to check if you flushed the toilet or not!

4. Observe proper etiquette in public places

Tulad ng pagbibigay nila ng importance sa kanilang environment, the good people of Singapore are also particular with how they treat each other. Things like not hogging the sidewalk, not blocking the escalator by staying to the right side, letting train passengers alight before boarding, giving your seat away to the disabled, pregnant, and elderly are just a few of the basic manners na kailangang i-practice sa Singapore.

5. No Filipino Time

Naku! Isa raw sa mga weakness natin ay ang pagkakaroon ng “Filipino Time”. Do yourself a favor and start timing yourself right, because time really is gold! Everything and everyone in Singapore moves like a precisely timed machine; nothing and nobody will wait for you if you are late! Being late will just damage your reputation, your character, and your mindset.

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6. Change How You Communicate

Tayong mga Pilipino ay kilala sa ating malumanay na pananalita o pagiging soft-spoken. Pero ibang ang kanilang kinasanayan sa Singapore. Of course, it’s important to be polite, but not to the point that you can be pushed around. Importante ang pagiging confident sa pananalita. Assert yourself and show that you’re someone to be respected.

7. Be Self-Sufficient

Whether you are an OFW working and living there o turista na namamasyal, importante ang pagiging independent. Ang paglinis, pagluto, paglaba at paghuhas ng pinggan ay ilan lamang sa mga chores na magagamit sa iyong stay abroad. May mga pagkakataon na malayo ka sa iyong pamilya kaya naman importante ang na marunong kang alagaan ang iyong sarili.

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Culture, beliefs at way of life – hindi maikakaila na marami talagang tayong pinagkaiba hindi lamang sa Singapore ngunit pati narin sa ibang bansa. Pero ang mahalaga ay kaya natin mag adapt sa mga ito habang napapanatili ang Tatak Pilipino!

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