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Due to COVID-19,


Filipinos and OFWs* have been negatively impacted.

Most have lost their jobs, incurred high medical bills, lost a loved one or all of the above. This Christmas is bound to be a tough & sad one for them.

With Project KABAYANihan Donation Drive. we can help Filipinos bounce back from the pandemic, one family at a time,

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*OFWs refer to Overseas Filipino Workers
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Together, we can help affected families…

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

– generally attributed to Lao Tzu, a Chinese Philosopher

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Beneficiary Organizations

Beam&Go partnered up with Philippines-based non-profit organizations Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute, Gawad Kalinga, and World Vision Philippines to accept monetary donations and financial sponsorships. The funds raised will be used to deliver baskets of food to these hard-hit families, and educate them on strengthening their immune system to fight against COVID-19.

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Curated Food Basket

The contents of the basket are selected with consultation from Dr. Raymond Escalona and his team of medical practitioners. The objective is to provide families with nutritional value, good taste, and ease of preparation, while also meeting a family’s minimum daily caloric requirements and utilizing food as medicine for treatment or remedy to health deficiencies experiences by the beneficiaries.

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Nutritional Program

Designed exclusively by Dr. Raymond Escalona and his team for the beneficiaries, the 10-12 hour lecture program will include a series of seminars on nutrition, trauma therapy, and mindfulness, wellness tracking, and follow-ups on how to overcome nutritional deficiencies often faced by low-income families

Raymond Joseph Yee Escalona, MD
Raymond Joseph Yee Escalona, MD

Functional Medicine MD, Medical Detective, MS Nutrition, Co-founder, WholeHealth Integrated Health Services.

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You can help reach our goal!

Our combined efforts is the only way we can make survival easier and endurable for the hard-hit families. It is our social responsibility to take action when support and aid is much needed by our fellowmen who are already at-risk.


5,000 families

Donation Driver Target

US$ 175,000

Campaign Ends on

Feb. 28, 2022

Make a donation online using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, low-fee ACH & SEPA bank transfers, PayPal, and more.

Make a donation via online fund transfer or over-the-counter bank deposit to our PH Peso and US Dollar bank accounts.

Become a Sponsor!

  • Give hope, knowledge, and a healthy new life to the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines.
  • Have your logo placed in all online collateral & print ads.
  • Be featured in our post-campaign press release in over 20 major publications in the region or worldwide.
  • And most importantly, bring the holiday spirit and help promote healthy living to those who can use a pick-me-up,

Let’s do this together!

Kath Cayabyab, Fundraising Manager
WhatsApp/Viber: +63 916 427 1551

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Our Beneficiary Organizations

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Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute is a non-government and non-profit organization that has been serving OFW victims of human-trafficking, illegal recruitment, and maltreatment, and their families for 14 years and going.

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Gawad Kalinga is a Philippine poverty alleviation and nation-building movement by employing integrated and holistic approach to empowerment, with values-formation and leadership development at its core.

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World Vision Philippines is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated on improving the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable. Their main priorities are health and nutrition, child protection, and education.

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