Not just another wallet!

Earning enough money to support their loved ones is the key reason as to why OFWs venture into unfamiliar places. Unfortunately, saving money and returning home with money is not guaranteed due to the lack of access to financial products and tools.

This is what we aim to address with the new Beam&Go Wallet – a digital wallet that is specifically designed to help OFWs achieve their next goal: a future back home, within their reach.

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Top Up

Providing their families’ basic needs is now made even simpler for OFWs. Any time of the day, any day of the month, they can now do purchases with a few taps on their mobile phone. Best of all, they can keep their hard-earned money in their Beam&Go Wallet so that funds are set aside securely.


OFWs are a closely-knit community. It reflects how Filipinos are by nature. Beam&Go Wallet supports the bayanihan spirit by enabling connections to be strengthened within the app, so that we reach more OFWs and let them help each other along the way.

Earn Bonus

Saving is a habit. Through Beam&Go Wallet, we want to get OFWs familiarized with the discipline of setting aside funds regularly. Through our Kabayan Rewards program, they will be incentivized with a bonus for consistent top ups of a minimum amount.

Future Improvements

Financial products

Access to ethical credit

Business opportunities


“Through Beam&Go, I was able to help
my fellow OFWs in Singapore to save
and remit money wisely, while earning extra income!”

– Sarah, Singapore

“Finally! Here’s a solution that we OFWs really need.
I’m excited to use the Beam&Go Wallet!”

– Mary Ann, Singapore

“Beam&Go is truly committed to help OFWs.
They have eased my worries about how to support my family the best way possible.”

– Amor, Singapore

See what our OFWs are able to provide to their families through our platform.

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