Dim Sum, World-Wide Plaza and United Centre

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Last week Albert Go and I had the good fortune of visiting Hong Kong to celebrate our partnership with I-Remit as well as hanging out with our Hong Kong customers. And man, was it fun.


You know what they say, “It’s more fun at World-Wide.”

The good people at I-Remit
Hello World
It’s a little tight in here
Front of the House
More Hello World

And it’s a lot of fun at United Centre too!

A happy Albert
Let’s unite!
Winner Winner!

And no trip to Hong Kong is complete without dim sum …

My good buddy Ying Lam, who is a Hong Kong resident and foodie, took us to dim sum at North Garden Restaurant in Central. But before I mention the food, here’s some advice about travelling around the Central area of Hong Kong:

  • Walk to your destination, do not take a taxi. The streets are narrow and congested. Taxi rides during the day take twice as long as walking.

Ok, back to the dim sum. One word: shiok! Albert’s favourite dish was the baked cha siu bao and mine was this …

double boiled soup with seaweed and pork

All-in-all it was a wonderful trip, and we plan to be back soon. Can’t wait to meet up with more BeamAndGo Hong Kong users on our next visit.

From now till October 31, 2015, buy BeamAndGo digital gift certificates at any I-Remit branch around the world and receive a discount of Php50 for every Php1000 purchase. I-Remit has offices and branches in 27 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Canada.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at jonathan.chua@BeamAndGo.com. And if you want to see what we are doing at BeamAndGo click here: https://www.beamandgo.com/store/offers.

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