#ProjectKABAYANihan: Reaching Out to Every Filipino


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

One of the main objectives of #ProjectKABAYANihan is to assist underprivileged Filipino families on their journey to new beginnings. These include combined efforts with various partner organizations to provide them with better solutions to improve their current living conditions.

That’s why with its recent partnership with World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. (World Vision Philippines) and MAYANI, a fast-growing farm-to-table e-commerce platform to aid local farmers, BeamAndGo has been able to distribute nutritional food baskets to feed distressed families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic last March 2022.

These healthy food packs contain farm fresh goods like vegetables, fruits, and rice produce curated by a team of medical experts headed by Dr. Raymond Escalona, co-founder of WholeHealth Integrated Health Services. Meat and seafood products were also given to several households in Manila to ensure that they meet their families’ minimum daily caloric intake.

Beneficiaries were also taught on how they could strengthen their immune systems against COVID-19 and other similar diseases. These include long-term plans to overcome nutritional deficiencies among their family members through proper eating habits and lifestyle choices.

BeamAndGo also partners with various non-profit organizations (NGOs), local government units (LGUs), and corporate enterprises that also share the same advocacy with them. These involve donation drives that guarantee their beneficiaries with quick and guaranteed solutions in the form of groceries, care packages, and e-vouchers from their marketplace.

You too can be a part of our never-ending advocacy never stop reaching down and lift those in need of a helping hand. Visit this link to learn more details about our campaigns or contact us via enterprise@beamandgo.com today.

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