Easter: Time again to Share God’s gifts

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Filipinos are known for truly valuing their faith and living it in their daily lives. This is probably why one of the first orders of business when a Filipino goes abroad, or anywhere for that matter, is the search for a church.

It is also quite the order of business to find ways to help

Kain po!

people in need. That seems part of being Filipino as well. Ondoy, Yolanda, at iba pa, parating nagkukumahog tumulong ang mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa kahit hindi nila kilala ang mga natamaan ng kalamidad. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. There’s no such thing as helping only people from your church or subgroup. When there’s a disaster, a true Filipino will help whoever needs it.

But what about those times when there is no disaster? Some people seem to forget that help is also needed and appreciated even if times are relatively safe and peaceful.

This is the case with Pastor Jun Sibuma’s church. Just like many churches, this one relies heavily on the support of the immediate community and those who go there to worship. As you can expect, there are times when things can get tough and celebrating God’s blessings can be in danger of being compromised.

Lahat naman tayo naranasan natin ito kahit papaano. Birthday na walang handa. Pista na walang lechon pero okay lang. At least may spaghetti o pansit. Wag na lang Pan de Amerikano. Pan de Sal na lang.

Familiar situation?

Fortunately for Jun Sibuma of the Glorious Church of the Nazarene in Dasmariñas, Cavite, he had a good classmate in his elementary years with whom he has kept in touch. Tonet Ramos is a Resolution Specialist based in Sacramento, California. Pastor Jun says of Tonet: “We chat often that’s why every time she has a plan to give anything, she always sends a message (first). Basta sinabi nya gagawin nya. Kilalang-kilala ko s’ya napakabait n’yan.”

Church members getting the goodies using their BeamAndGo gift certificates

Tonet thought of looking for people who could give her some help in passing on some goodies to her friend and his church. It was in this way that she learned of BeamAndGo CEO, Jonathan Chua. She was impressed not only by what Jon was doing, she was also quite impressed with the platform to make things easier and safer for OFWs to send support back home – BeamAndGo. Tonet mentioned her concerns to Jon who helped her set up her account and making sure she didn’t have any problems. Later on though, browsing the site on her own, Tonet saw how easy it was to get things done with the BeamAndGo site.

This case was rather unique for BeamAndGo since this was not a case of an OFW sending support to a family member. It was someone who wanted to ensure that her help and expression of the Christian spirit of giving was sure to get through. Times of giving can both be a wonderful yet emotionally draining experience for an OFW who learns that the well-packed boxes of goodies for their loved ones can get to the family home opened and lacking contents.

Siyempre hindi kumpleto ang party pag walang candy!

Buti na lang kay Pastor Jun, walang ganoon dahil sa BeamAndGo.

“Iyong transaction napakadali at walang kahirap-hirap. Basta sinabi mo gift check sa BeamAndGo, aasikasuhin agad.”

They got all the stuff conveniently in Super 8 in Dasmariñas, Cavite and when he was asked to describe how he and his church members reacted upon getting the gift certificates from BeamAndGo and when they finally were able to claim all the goods, his response was simply, “Happing-happy. Masayang-masaya.”

Jun adds that, “Mga ilang taon na rin s’yang nagbibigay sa amin. Basta mayroon si Tonet. Hindi madamot at sobrang bait ‘yan kaya maganda ang ugnayan ng church kay Tonet. Kumare ko, classmate ko, at friend kong super generous yan at marami syang tinulungan.”

Jun sent his classmate a message as soon as he received the GCs, which was a very short time after Tonet sent them, and also after his group was able to get the goods from their neighborhood Super 8. He also praised the excellent all-around service given to him from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

The spirit of sharing throughout the year

The Filipino is a person who shares and this is easily seen in this story. Tonet is a person who has been blessed and she shares these blessings with friends like Pastor Jun.

While many of us do send our loved ones back home material expressions of our love in every grocery bag, medicine, insurance plan, etc., perhaps it’s time that we go beyond the family. There are others who also need our help and BeamAndGo will make sure that your help gets to them in the best possible way.

Now that we’re in the Easter season, we commemorate  Christ’s suffering and celebrate His resurrection. With something this special, isn’t it time to send your loved ones and those who need it most something they can truly enjoy together?

Punta na sa BeamAndGo website and let the sharing begin!

Kain na!


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Have a solemn Holy Week, Beamers!

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